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Cloud mining or cloud hashing is an idea, which empowers customers to purchase mining ability of the hardware set in remote server centres. With the rise in prices of Bitcoin, we are able to generate great profits for our investors around the world – guaranteeing anyone a consistent flow of income whoever get associated with us. So should you join? Certainly! Because the Bitcoin industry is enormous and still at its growth stage, also there are many Bitcoins yet to be mined. So here arises the biggest question of all, which company to trust? Today Mine Bitcoin Limited offers the best terms and safe cooperation. All you have to do is sign up, make investments, to get 2%-3%-4% reliably each day - as you may have witnessed Bitcoin breaking $15000 per coin and considering everything the amount will most likely move up again soon.


Referral program is tiered in 3 levels

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Protected Servers

We use powerful dedicated servers and protected from DoS attacks

Our Mining Plans

Payments are instant. The minimum withdrawal is 0.005 BTC. Interest accumulate automatically. No fees applied.


Earning rate X25

0.015 BTC Per Day

1000 Sato Per Minute

Affiliate bonus 30%


Earning rate X250

0.15 BTC Per Day

10000 Sato Per Minute

Affiliate bonus 40%


Earning rate X1750

1 BTC Per Day

70000 Sato Per Minute

Affiliate bonus 50%

Welcome to Mine Bitcoin Company:
A Better Investment Model for Growth.

Since our establishment, our organization has been working on an international level. More nations are recognizing digital currency consistently and blockchain technology is accepted at various levels of the financial sector, which implies we have incredible possibilities to look forward to.

Mine Bitcoin Limited is associated with Bitcoin mining. Today, when the digital currency is one of the quickest developing assets of the investment market, this organization is engaged with financial activities related to Bitcoin mining and other trade practices.

The organization was set up for all intents and purposes at the same time with the inception of the idea of cryptocurrency, as we saw its huge potential and won in the long run. Since our organization was vigilant enough to notice the sphere improvement, our main income is raised from the mining of such cryptographic forms of money as Bitcoin and Lit coin, which is far from the reach of many of organizations.

Our organization is one of the pioneers of the Mine Bitcoin market. A crucial investigation of all the variables, affecting the digital currency variations, high generation limit in the cloud-mining design, high-quality hardware and software arrangements, and in addition to this acquiring efficient clients from all nations of the world have enabled us to make a perfect investment program, that any individual can participate in.

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